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Huayao Yi women 'embroider' their stories on clothes

Updated:2018-02-12 19:09:35   english.yunnan.cn

Embroidery works are regarded as “CV” of Huayao Yi females. For generations, they have embroidered beautiful patterns on clothes, which tell stories of their ancestors.

The history of Huayao Yi people dates back to the Ancient Dian Kingdom more than two thousand years ago. Today, it is still easy to find traces of the ancient times on their costumes and decorations.

Huayao is a branch of the Yi people and they only live in Yunnan’s Shiping County. They adores beauty. Stitch by stitch, the Huayao Yi females have embroidered the histories of their ancestors’ struggles, migration, totem worship and the nature for generations. They wear clothes with beautiful patterns as gorgeous as cherry blossoms.

Huayao Yi girls are inborn talents of embroidery and singing. For every Huayao Yi girl, embroidery is a necessary skill. When they are young, they begin to learn how to embroider. After they grow up, each of them need to embroider their own wedding gown. 

Families of the bridegroom often learn about whether a bride is clever in mind and skillful in hands according to the designing patterns, color arrangement and stitching exquisiteness of her embroidery works.

Photo by Li Qiuming; Editor: Wang Shixue

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