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Tea tasting: A popular spring pastime in Yunnan

Updated:2018-03-28 18:15:44   english.yunnan.cn

Tea has an important part in Chinese history and culture. When the tea-picking season comes in spring, taking a cup of spring tea is refreshing for many people. On March 25, tea experts and lovers gathered at Yunnan Provincial Tea Culture Museum in Qianwang Street, Kunming, Yunnan Province, to taste the tea of spring.

On that day, participants savored the fresh tea like Pu’er, green tea and so forth, which are brought by 12 companies from southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er City where the well-known Pu’er tea is planted.

With the theme of “Making Pu’er Tea as part of your life”, the gathering aims to attract more visitors to the museum to learn knowledge about tea and immerse themselves in the culture of tea.

China has glamorous tea culture. For many Chinese, a cup of tea not only relieves thirst, but also contains wisdom. Yunnan is a famous tea-producing province in China and is regarded as the hometown of Pu’er and Dianhong tea.

Editor: Wang Shixue

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