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Hand Grab Rice—Feast on fingertips

Updated:2018-04-03 17:26:07   english.yunnan.cn

Hand Grab Rice(bare-handed feast or green feast)is a traditional and representative feast of delicacies of Jingpo people, a minority ethnic group living in west Yunnan.

The most surprising is that people enjoy the delicacies with bare hands and use Japanese banana leaves as “bowls”.

The cooking methods of Hand Grab Rice consists of stirring, braizing and roasting.

And the delicacies are often arranged in pairs on the table covered with Japanese banana leaves and lettuces.

Roast pork, cold dish, Gui Chicken, pineapple rice are indispensable to the feast.

And the roast suckling pig is often placed in the center of the table.

Instead of using additives, cooks prefer to choose natural ingredients and spices. 

Also, color assortment of the whole feast is carefully planned, making it a visual feast too. 

Tasting a table of authentic Hand Grab Rice has become a pursuit of tourists visiting Yunnan.

So here comes the question—Would you like to try the Hand Grab Rice when visiting Yunnan?

Editor: Wang Shixue

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