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Unique wedding custom (4) Achang People: 3-meter chopsticks “trouble” grooms

Updated:2018-05-17 17:13:55   english.yunnan.cn

Yunnan’s diverse living environment and cultural deposits have contributed to the evolution of a great variety of marriage customs. From marriage customs of various ethnic groups, we can feel the charm of Yunnan culture. Today, we introduce u to the Achang wedding custom.

In the Achang wedding tradition, the bride’s families and friends try to embarrass the groom with many “troubles”. Among them, the three-meter long chopsticks, which the groom are required to use to pick up food for the bride’s families and friends, are very special.

Many local young males of Achang people get to know females at markets. In the past, there were no advanced communications tools and Achang people sang songs in antiphonal style as a way of emotional exchange and love expression. The tradition lasts till now.

On the wedding day, they prepare many delicious dishes. At the wedding banquet, the groom will face challenges. This is an important rite of the Achang wedding ceremony. The biggest challenge is using the long chopsticks. The bridegroom will be given a pair of three-meter-long chopsticks decorated with red paper. With corns, luffas and passion fruits tied hanging on the end, the chopsticks weighs up to 15kg (approximately 33 pounds). However, the groom has to use the chopsticks to pick up food into the bowls of the bride’s families. To ease the challenge, the groom can give gifts to the bride’s relatives and friends to get some weights removed from the chopsticks.

With the help of his men, the groom carries the chopsticks on his shoulder and gingerly tries to pick up food with the tips of the chopsticks. This is a process of difficulties. If his personality of endurance and diligence impress the bride’s parents, they will nod to him out of appreciation. 

By Duan Jianxin (Daguan Weekly)

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