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Beautiful rice paddies in Yunnan (1) Zhefang: Rice paddies add to idyllic beauty

Updated:2018-06-13 20:55:55   Daguan Weekly

Yunnan Province, located in southwest of China, boasts more than 5,000 rice species, and such a huge number is hard to be seen in other places of the world. And some unique rice species can only survive under Yunnan's ecological conditions. From today on, we introduce you the most beatiful rice paddies and the stories behind them in Yunnan.

Zhefang tribute rice is planted in Zhefang Township in west Yunnan’s Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture. It is plump, sweet, and soft, and the stems are tall and strong. It is said in the year of 1624, the Zhefang rice was presented as tribute to the royal palace of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). The emperor enjoyed the fragrance and delicious taste so much that he designated the Zhefang rice as a tribute. Hence the name of Zhefang tribute rice.

Located in the catchment area of the Ayeyarwady River system, Zhefang Township is an optimal place for growing rice. The Gaoligong Mountains block the cold currents from the north, and the Indian Ocean blows warm winds, and the Nanmuleng River provides unpolluted natural water for irragating the rice paddies . In the rainy season, the wind and rain bring organic fertilizer—rotten leaves—from the mountains. 

When the rice is coming into its harvest season , the breeze brings the pleasant smell to the air everywhere. In Zhefang Township, the aroma of rice will capture you once you approach the rice fields. With green mountains, clear rivers, as well as the aroma, Zhefang presents you a land of idyllic beauty, with rice paddies stretching all way down the valley. (By Li Xilin from Daguan Weekly   Photographs by Meng Zhigang) 

Editor: John Li

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