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Yunnan rice paddies (6) Wenshan: Tribute rice and picturesque fields

Updated:2018-06-22 18:13:02   yunnangateway.com

If you see the mountains and rivers in Babao Town, you will know why rice produced here is of such good quality. Located in Guangnan County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Babao is a famous scenic spot in Yunnan. Its terrain features karst topography, with cone-like karst peaks ranging from 50 to 100 meters tall. There are 25 large and small rivers running from south to north in valley. A local saying goes like this: Guilin landscapes are the best in the world, and Babao tops Guilin in landscapes. The core growing area of Babao tribute rice is encircled by these picturesque hills and rivers.

The most freshly produced Babao rice can be tasted during the Fresh-Tasting Festival. Zhuang villages in Babao Town have rich cultural deposits in rice cultivation. In August or September every year, when the rice comes into its early ripe, locals will select a lucky day, harvest the early-ripened rice and invite their relatives and friends to taste  rice. 

In autumn, it is so comfortable for you to walk through the rice paddies of Babao, feeling the wind blowing, watching golden waves of rice, smelling the aroma of rice, and listening to the flowing rivers. The grains of the Babao tribute rice are thin and long and look like jade spindles. They pack a pleasant smell and look delicate. 

In the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1912) Dynasties, Babao rice was presented as tribute rice to the royal families. Hence it got its name. Local people believe that it is the good ecosystem of Babao endows the rice with high quality and good taste. Babao is over 1,131 meters above the sea level, with a daily average sunshine of over six hours and an average annual rainfall of 1,100 mm. The local people believe the rice is a gift given by the Mother Nature. For generations, they have protected the eco-environment, keeping the hills verdant and rivers clean. 

Reporting by Gong Jingyang (Daguan Weekly) 

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