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Around the town: Coffee etiquette and cafes in Kunming

Updated:2018-06-26 17:16:21   Yunnan Gateway

Resting at a lovely café, you may wonder why there isn’t coffee-mate, or why the Matcha Latte doesn’t taste like coffee…

Well! It's time to take a look at today’s article, my dear. Maybe it helps a little.

Before entering a cafe, you’re supposed to know some basics on coffee. 

Let's start with a picture showing differences in the coffee varieties often ordered.

Espresso: It is black coffee without milk or sugar. The coffee tastes bitter but quite refreshing!

American coffee: Add a little water to the Espresso, you’ll have it.

Latte: Made by adding some milk (no sugar) to the Espresso. It is slightly bitter. 

Mocha: Espresso mixed with milk, chocolate powder and butter. Ladies love it.

Cappuccino: It is made from Espresso, milk and foam. The first sip will bring bubbles onto your lips.

Also, there are some taboo words at the café. Never say the phrases below in case that you could be hated forever!

1. Waiter! Any sugar?

In the eyes of baristas, coffee doesn’t need to be sugared in most cases. Once sugar is added, the coffee will seem to be as cheap as a juice in the supermarket. 

2. Why isn’t there coffee in the Matcha Latte?

Latte means "milk" in Italian, and the Matcha Latte is some Matcha with foaming milk.

3. There isn’t even any coffee-mate!

No instant coffee in the café, so you can never get it there.

4. Why doesn’t the coffee taste bitter? Is it fake? 

In general, high-quality coffee does not taste very bitter, but it is rich in layers and tastes.

Knowing the basics on coffee, you can choose one of the following Kunming cafés and then enjoy your time there.

Dangnianqing Café

Everything in the cafe is related to the late HongKong singer and actor Leslie Cheung. It's a café that carries deep memory.

Add: No. 9, 18th Floor, Hongcheng Plaza, West Jiangbin Road, Wuhua District

Liu Nian coffee shop

The owner is a charming lady, and the café is where photographers gather.

Add: Sub-no.1, No.125 (Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture), South Wacang Road 


It is a beautiful café, with its beans from west Yunnan’s Baoshan. The coffee tastes special.

Add: Sub-no.10-3, No.26, East Section of Nanqiang Street

Fangtang Café 

The coffee shop is near the Cuihu (the green lake park). It is quiet, elegant.

Add: Zhonghe Alley (next to Shiping Hall), South Cuihu Road

Guangzong No.3

The café is renovated out of an old house, where flowers and plants are here and there.

Add: No.3 (near Jianshe Road), Guangzong Alley, Wenlin Street 

Down Cafe

The store facade looks fine and tasteful.

Add: No.109, Beimen Street

Mellower Coffee
Many say Mellower is professional café house with fine coffee art.

Add: No.17, Middle Renmin Road (1st Floor of Xinxinan Shopping Mall)

Chaodouchong Cafe

A small coffee shop focusing on pour-over coffee. It features some petty-bourgeoisie taste.

Add: Qianju Street near Xiaoximen

Masterstone Coffee

The café mainly offers Yunnan Arabica coffee, and its pour-over and siphon coffees are popular.

Add: No.98, North Cuihu Road, Wuhua District

Hadagu Coffee

The American coffee with iced honey in the store enjoys popularity.

Add: No.45, Qianwang Street (near the Zhengyi Arch mall)

By Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue; Online photos

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