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Yunnan-Vietnam Railway in photos and videos

Updated:2018-07-06 18:06:25   Yunnan Gateway

Recently, a photo and video exhibition entitled “Poetic Vision of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway” was launched in Contemporary Gallery Kunming of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, providing a fresh experience of the century-old Yunnan-Vietnam railway

As the first railway in Yunnan, the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway started its construction in 1903 and opened to traffic several years later. It stretches for 854 kilometers from Kunming to Hai Phong in North Vietnam. It changed the historical process of Yunnan by connecting the province to the modernization of the world and has brought creative inspirations to domestic and foreign artists.

“The Yunnan-Vietnam Railway is like a living history,” said Xuan Hongyu, the curator of the exhibition. He describes the railway as a witness to history which contains lots of stories. He hopes that people can have a new understanding of the historical traces, natural wonders and diversified ethnic cultures along the railway through the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open to public until August 28. (Xinhua)