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Torch festival to be celebrated in Eshan

Updated:2018-07-26 09:35:25   Yunnan Gateway

The 2018 E’shan Torch festival will be celebrated from August 3 to 10 in central Yunnan’s Eshan County, said a local news briefing.

Featuring Yi flower-drum dance, the festival will involve various traditional ceremonies of the Yi ethnic group, as well as a concert, an embroidery show and a stamp exhibition that showcases local reform and opening up in the past 40 years.    

On August 5, a bore-wood-to-get-fire ceremony will be hold at the fire-altar at the Daxi holy mountain in Tadian Town.

Eshan is China’s first autonomous county for the Yi ethnic group. 

Source: Yunnan Daily App; trans-editing Wang Shixue

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