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Yunnan Examination Hall: Witness of education in ancient Yunnan

Updated:2018-08-31 16:36:26   Yunnan Gateway

Confucian Temples were often used for educational purposes in ancient Yunnan. After years of study, the students would participate in different levels of the imperial examinations, and the winners would be appointed as officials by the royal family. In the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1912) Dynasties, the students would come to the Examination Hall located in today’s Yunnan University to take part in the imperial exam at the provincial level.

The Examination Hall was an important symbol of the local cultural landscape and witnessed the education history of Yunnan. Today, most parts of the hall have been retained completely including the Justice Hall, Donghao Dormitory and Hengjian Hall. The whole environment is also remained, providing visitors a glimpse of Yunnan’s education and culture during the last five hundred years.

According to historical documents, 7,884 literary graduates participated in the provincial exam here in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. 971 of them, representing the elite of Yunnan, reached the highest standing in the final royal palace examination.

Editor: John Li

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