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Mosuo Zhuanshan Festival kicks off at Lugu Lake

Updated:2018-09-06 18:48:54   XinHua

Zhuanshan Festival (Worshiping Mountain Festival) is a traditional festival of Mosuo people living beside the Lugu Lake in northwest Yunnan’s Ninglang County. During the celebration, Mosuo people will dress in their festival costumes and hold various activities such as offering sacrifice to gods and praying for auspiciousness and bumper harvests.

This year, the festival fell on September 3 lasted to September 5. The celebration included god-worshiping ceremony, singing and dancing, traditional sports competition, food cultural demonstration of Mosuo People. For tourists, the most exciting part was that they dressed in local costumes and hiked around the Gemu Mountain which is believed holy by the Mosuo people. Many said that it was a journey nourishing souls.

Lugu Lake, which boasts charming scenery, is a well-known scenic spot across China. During the festival, the awarding ceremony of the first Lugu Lake photography competition was held. A total of 3,224 gorgeous pictures were received during the competition and they are about natural scenery, folk customs, local people and geographic features of lake and its surrounding areas.

Editor: John Li

Photo by Xinhua

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