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Rituals along with singing gathering in Yunnan

Updated:2018-10-11 18:07:53   Daguan Weekly

Every ethnic group in Yunnan has love songs. For them, singing is a kind of instinct to express mood and love. Their gatherings, however, is not simply about singing loves, rituals are also commonly held.

In the gatherings of young men and women of Yi people, “smoking water pipe” is an activity where they develop closer relations. When men are about to smoke water pipes, women will light for their loved ones. Then they will start communication by singing and dancing in fixed forms.

For Yiche Branch of Hani people, the “Abaduo” is their dating banquet where young men and women communicate with each other by singing. When they want to introduce themselves, compliment each other or make jokes, they sing. Therefore, the participants must be good at singing, otherwise there will be embarrassment. During the banquets, men and women need to toast to each other for several times. In addition, men have to serve dishes for their loved women.

Dai people throw bags while dating, which is called “Duanmaguan”. When young men and women gather during festivals, a girl will throw her bag to the man she has affection for. If the man likes the girl too, he will catch the bag. After that, the girl will throw the bag high and far. The young man will pretend to miss the bag and give his gift to the girl and they’ll leave the gathering together.

By Li Xilin from Daguan Weekly

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