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Dali to be Yunnan’s second railway hub after Kunming

Updated:2018-01-08 10:40:33   english.yunnan.cn

With the upgrading of rail projects in Yunnan, Dali will become the second hub in railway connectivity of the province, according to a Yunnan Daily report on January 8.

Second only to the Kunmingnan Railway Station, the Dali Railway Station will link up Kunming in the east, Lijiang and Shangri-La in its northwest, as well as Lincang and Ruili in the southwest.

On January 7, upgrading works of the Dali Railway Station were launched, and the works are expected to be finished within 2018. By then, the newly-upgraded Guangtong-Dali railway will be put into service.

As part of the Kunming-Dali railway, the 175km Guangtong-Dali railway has been upgraded to 200km/h in speed, and the time of the Kunming-Dali train trip will be shortened to two hours from the current six hours. 

In the long run, the Guangtong-Dali railway is also part of the China-Myanmar railway, representing Yunnan’s action on serving the Belt and Road Initiative by improving connectivity.

Source: Yunnan Daily & Yunnan Net; translating by Eric Wang

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