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Start of summer being marked in central Yunnan

Updated:2018-05-10 10:36:45   english.yunnan.cn

The 29th Summer-Beginning Festival and the 4th Chengjiang Nuo-Drama Culture Festival kicked off May 9, near the Fuxian Lake in central Yunnan’s Chengjiang County.

35 intangible heritages from 12 cities and prefectures across Yunnan are presented during the 3-day festival.

Showcasing traditional crafts, festive lanterns, local folk songs and dancing, the festivities are expect to draw in hundreds of thousands tourists from home and abroad. 

52 kilometers south of the provincial capital of Kunming, Fuxian Lake is the deepest lake in Yunnan, with a maximum depth of 155 meters. It is also a famed holiday destination in the province.

Source: Yunnan Net; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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