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Eid collection revealed in Bangladesh

Updated:2018-05-17 11:23:19   theindependentbd.com

Every year Anjan’s, one of the top fashion houses in the country, brings something new and outstanding for the fashion enthusiasts. There is no exception this year too.

Keeping up with the trend, Anjan’s launched its Eid-ul-Fitr collection at an event followed by a fashion show on Tuesday at the Emmanuelle Banquet Hall in Dhaka capital of Bangladesh.

Giving priority to Jamdani, Islamic, geometric and floral motifs, Anjan’s has brought out a wide range of Saree, Shalwar-Kameez, Panjabi, Shirt, Tops and others in its Eid collection. There is also a distinct variation in cutting and pattern.

Choreographed by Azra Mahmood, a number of 8 female and 6 male models participated in the fashion show in three different queues, wearing attires of Anjan’s Eid collection.

At the event, Anjan’s has introduced two of its new co-brands ‘Art of Blue’ and ‘Margin’, Anjan’s CEO Shaheen Ahmed made the announcement at Tuesday’s event.

‘Art of Blue’ stands for ethnic and traditional fusion, while ‘Marjin’ for western fashion.

Wearing the attires of ‘Marjin’ like kamiz, casual shirt and cotton pant, tops, palazzo, jeans, t-shirts, models took part in two different fashion queues.

‘The Art of Blue’ has brought out Salwar-Kameez, Sharee, Panjabi, shirt with indigo dye, block print. All the attires have been made in the fusion of blue colour.

At the last queue of the fashion show, models walked the runway by wearing bangles, earring, necklaces, rings, and other jewelries made of silver, copper, metals, stone and pearl.

Chief designer of Anjan’s Laila Khair Kanak, who is also the CEO of Kanak the Jewelry Palace, designed the jewelries for Eid collection.

Editor: John Li

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