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Travel Thailand like a beauty queen

Updated:2018-12-27 10:59:12   nationmultimedia.com

With the 67th Miss Universe held in the beautiful land of smiles – Thailand, learn how to travel the country like a true beauty queen. Here are the places the Miss Universe contestants visited in Thailand that you should definitely add to your itinerary.
1. Wuttisak Snail Farm, Bangkok

Let’s kick things off in the capital, Bangkok, and with something out of the ordinary. The Wuttisak Snail Farm in Thailand breeds snails and extracts their slime for use in different cosmetic products we know today.

2. Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya

Situated at the waterfront, the Sanctuary of Truth is a 344-feet intricately designed temple made entirely of wood. Built only in 1982, one can easily mistake this architectural wonder as a heritage structure. The awe-factor it induces upon its visitors definitely makes it worth the visit.
3. Nongnooch Botanical Garden, Pattaya

From breathtaking gardens to beautiful wildlife – Nongnooch Botanical Garden is the place to be in Pattaya. You are treated to a beautiful view of the botanical gardens from the skywalk that can connect you to different sections. Choose to visit the small Buddha temple with a beautiful view or go ahead and check out the elephant shows.
4. Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtles Conservation Center, Sattahip

A little south from Pattaya in Sattahip is the Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtles Conservation Center where not only can you treat yourself to a beautiful beach view but also educate yourself on the conservation of sea turtles and how important it is to have initiative in prioritizing the environment over convenience.
5. Krabi Islands

If it’s the smell of the beach and the sun’s kiss you’re looking for but absolutely hate crowded beaches, then the islands of Krabi is the ideal destination! As it is less developed and less crowded than the beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui, the islands of Krabi allow you to get so much closer to nature.
6. Wat Arun, Bangkok

Capping off the trip, we go back to the capital and visit one of the country’s most stunning temples. With a name that translates to “Temple of the Dawn,” Wat Arun’s name is derived from the Hindu god Aruna, often personified as the heat of the sun. The riverside temple gives a feeling of peace and is especially beautiful at night. The temple also boasts interesting contrasts between white and the bold colors of its sprites.

Editor: John Li

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