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When phone falls into Erhai Lake on a cold day...

Updated:2018-01-22 17:33:52   english.yunnan.cn

Everyone was touched when Wang Haisong jumped into the cold water of Erhai Lake and retrieved the phone for a Beijing tourist.

Lately, a visitor from Beijing experienced a heart-breaking moment: when she was about to take photos with her phone at the lake, it suddenly fell into the water. 

But what warmed up her heart  was that Wang, a staff member with the Erhai scenic area, did not hesitate to help her, jumping into the cold weather and finding her phone. 

Wang’s behavior moved everyone who witnessed the scene. The Beijing tourist said she was deeply touched after her phone was retrieved unexpectedly.

The Erhai Lake, a famed tourism destination in west Yunnan’s Dali City, attracts numerous visitors home and abroad.

Photos/ YNTV WeChat public account;  Editor: Wang Shixue