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Triboli: Linking Yunnan, Italy with food

Updated:2018-03-12 16:16:59   english.yunnan.cn

Living in southwest China’s Yunnan Province for 13 years, Diego Triboli, an Italian businessman, now owns several restaurants and food distribution outlets in the province. His restaurants in the downtown are popular with local young people.

Triboli first came to China in 2002 when he was an engineer with FAW-Volkswagen. He loves cooking since his childhood and enjoys cooking for his friends. He always considers that food brings people intimacy. After he traveled to northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang and found that it was a favorable place to run a western-style restaurant, he then made a decision to quit his job in VW and run a restaurant there. Then his first “baby” Mammamia was born.

To ensure that his restaurant uses the most authentic Italian ingredients, Triboli also started Sapore Italia in Kunming, taking the task of imported food and beverage distribution all over Yunnan Province. He now owns another restaurant Cantina which serves the most typical Italian home-cooked food, by using, of course, Sapore Italia ingredients. 

Doing business in Yunnan for years, Triboli believes that to be successful here one needs to change  ideas on cooking according to the change of local people's tastes. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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