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Tech booster comes for Yunnan tea industry

Updated:2018-05-08 19:26:15   english.yunnan.cn

Located in SW China, Yunnan is one of the areas where tea originated. With the support of technology, Yunnan has embarked on a path of sustainable development of tea producing.

Yunnan tops other tea-producing regions in China in terms of picking area, yield and comprehensive output value. However, the tea industry in the province is also confronted with problems of poor infrastructure, low adoption rate of improved variety and poor returns. 

The local government then has proposed a set of measures, namely, selecting and growing improved and suitable varieties like Pu’er tea, black tea and green tea, lifting deep processing rate to 80% with the help of innovation platforms like the national tea processing technique center and key laboratories of Yunnan provincial tea studies, inviting experts to tea companies and plantations to promote technology application and industrial upgrading. 

Tea experts believe that technical research and talent training are the keys. The integration of technological and industrial chains is a booster for the development of Yunnan tea industry.

Editor: John Li

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