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Blood donators in Kunming enjoy favored policies

Updated:2018-10-31 15:36:22   Yunnan Gateway

The spring city Kunming recently unveiled some preferential policies for those  who have donated their blood for the public good. 

1. Three favors 

(1) Favored employment offered by municipal and county-level human resources and social security departments when the job-seekers qualifications are similar or equal;

(2) Favored job recommendation by the same departments;

(3) Favored preschool and compulsory education for their children when others conditions are the same.

2. Four frees

If you got the Kunming City Blood Donation Certificate, you will be exempt from the fees below via your ID card.

(1) Free access to the following public parks and scenic areas: Kunming Zoo, Daguan(grand view) Park, Golden Temple, Black Dragon Pool, Tanhua Temple, Jiaoye Park, Shilin(stone forest), Jiuxiang, Xishan(west hill), and Baohai Park;

(2) Free outpatient service and favored treatment.

(3) Free physical checkup at by blood-using hospitals (limited to the basic items);

(4) Free bus and subway rides in Kunming;

3. If you have been doing odd jobs, you may receive allowances or subsidies by the municipal and county-level human resources and social security departments.

By Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue

Keywords:   Blood donators Kunming policies