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Cowsheds turned into guest rooms in Yingjiang County

Updated:2018-01-09 10:51:29   english.yunnan.cn

In the past two years, the Lisu ethnic folks of the Xiamengpi village have renovated 20 cowsheds and turned them into guest rooms for tourists.

The ethnic village is located in west Yunnan’s Yingjiang County, and the practice has increased the villagers’ per capita disposable income to 4,600 yuan at present from 1,486 yuan in the past.

The past years saw an influx of tourists in the ethnic village, and the renovation was led by a rural tourism cooperative sponsored by local government. 

Rural tourism is seen as a means of poverty alleviation in Yunnan. 

Reporting by Yang Zheng; translating by Eric Wang

Keywords:   Cowsheds Yingjiang County