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Lazhe: good village to row bamboo rafts, eat colorful rice

Updated:2018-01-18 17:51:45   english.yunnan.cn

Along the Duoyi River in east Yunnan’s Luoping County, the stilted buildings of the Buyi people are scattered here and there in the valley and woods where the Lazhe Village is a good place for photography lovers.

In Lazhe Village of Luoping, there live about one hundred Buyi households, and the ancient Buyi buildings and customs are well preserved. In the village, weaving and embroidery are important skills for local girls whose works are popular souvenirs.

On every lunar March 3, Lazhe villagers celebrate the Sanyuesan Festival. Young men and women always gather at the Duoyi River, participate in the bamboo rafts rowing and enjoy the water splashing.

Travelling in the village, the hospitable Buyi people are willing to share the colorful rice with you as well. Made from glutinous rice and natural edible color agents, the rice is a representative delicacy of Buyi People.

Editor: Wang Shixue

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