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Spring in Luowang: A gold and green world

Updated:2018-03-09 17:54:39   english.yunnan.cn

When spring comes, the“seas” of blooming rapeseed flowers and verdant bamboo woods will turn northeast Yunnan’s Luowang into a golden and green world.

Located in northeast Yunnan’s Yiliang County, Luowang Township is abundant in beautiful sceneries and rich in ethnic cultures. It is an enchanting place worth your visit, especially in spring when the gold and green become the dominant hues in Luowang.

At the wake of spring, a vast golden stretch of rapeseed flowers are blooming in Luowang. Walking along the river running down the valley, you will feel that you are in a “sea” of golden flowers where bridges and farm houses are dotted. The town and its surrounding fields are just like a scroll of idyllic painting rolling out in the valley. 

In a season of rebirth and renewal, the bamboo forest in Luowang turns greener. In the Haiziping National Nature Reserve in Luowang, there is the largest wild moso bamboo forest in China. After a spring rain, water drops on the bamboo leaves glitter in the sunshine, making your stay in the bamboo woods a fairytale-like experience.  

Editor: Wang Shixue