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An’ning in bloom: A beautiful trip of delicious roses

Updated:2018-04-26 16:52:57   english.yunnan.cn

In late spring, most flowers stop their annual blooming, but roses are full-blown in central Yunnan’s An’ning City.

The 647-hectare edible roses are planted in the Bajie town, which is some 38 kilometers southwest of the government seat of An’ning City. Now the roses are in full bloom, and the flowering period is expected to last till May 20.

In these days, local folks are busy picking roses and restaurants are treating diners with special rose banquets. The beautiful and tasty rose dishes are coupled with romantic names, such as “blue lover”, “dazzling beauty”, “flying color” and others.

In addition, merry activities will also be held, involving a singing competition, rainbow running races, a floriculture salon, and parent-child games on Mother’s Day. 

If you do not know where to go with the coming International Labor Day holiday, why not come to Yunnan and dip yourself into the sea of roses, while enjoying a rose banquet.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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