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Huadian Ba: The lesser-known land of idyllic beauty

Updated:2018-04-30 16:37:22   

The Cangshan Mountain in Dali of southwest China's Yunnan Province is widely reputed. But hidden in the Mountain, the Huadian Ba, a land of idyllic beauty, is less known.

"Bazi” (often shortened to Ba) refers to "basin" in Yunnan dialect. Located between the Yunnong Peak and Canglang Peak, the Huadian Ba stretches 20 kilometers long and three kilometers wide. Due to its high altitude of 2,900 meters, the peaks on its west are blanketed with snow all year round.

The Wanhua Stream is the main water source in the basin and receives water from 40 smaller streams. All the year round, flowers bloom in the Huadian Ba. And from April to May, the basin is a world of azaleas. All of these, together with the rolling hills, green trees and singing birds, forms a quite tranquil and beautiful land.

Yaks, cattle, horses and sheep wander freely in the green fertile grassland, which is another special scene of Huadian Ba.