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Adorable animals in the green woods of Pu’er

Updated:2018-05-18 19:44:07   english.yunnan.cn

With 2,104 species of higher plants and hundreds of wild animals, the Pu’er Sun River National Park is located in the Pu'er City of southwest China’s Yunnan Province. It is a wonderland where people can have close contact with wildlife in nature.

The national park lies in the transitional area between the tropical and sub-tropical regions, covering a total area of 216.23 square kilometers and with a forest coverage rate of 97%. The diversity of natural conditions provides an excellent habitat for animals, forming a trove of biological resources on the Tropic of Cancer. Walking into the park, you may see the rhinos pacing or encounter gibbons, slow lorises and red pandas. 

The Pu'er Sun River National Park is established by following the principle of forest protection. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of rainforest, explore the primeval forest, get close contact with wild animals and plants, and experience local ethnic customs. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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