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Yunnan represents a lifestyle everyone longs for

Updated:2018-05-29 14:56:05   english.yunnan.cn

If there is a place worthy of your repeated visits, it must be Yunnan, home to the mysterious Shangri-La, the quiet and relaxing Lijiang, and the charming Xishuangbanna…

Featuring green hills, blue waters, friendly folks and diverse cultures, Yunnan represents a lifestyle that everyone longs for.

Mountain climbing

Climb the Yunnan mountains at dusk, and you will see the best of the lush forests and snow capped peaks in the sunset glow.

Folk lodging

If you want to experience authentic Yunnan folk customs, you might as well come to live with locals at their homes.

Enjoying a feast

For the foodies, the feasts in Yunnan will stir your taste buds and eyes alike.

Bathing in hot spring

The clear waters and rising mist can rid you of the tiredness.

Visiting a bazaar

Strolling among the crowds on the bustling rural markets in Yunnan, you can sense something different from the city.

Singing a folk song

The musical notes inspired by the towering mountains and rushing rivers reveal the feelings of Yunnan folks.

Having a dance

Yunnan dancing, a unique art from real life, tells the long stories of locals.

Experiencing a festival

There are many ethnic minorities in Yunnan, giving rise to varied traditional folk customs and unique festivals.

The road-side scenery

The most beautiful is always on the way. In Yunnan, sometimes you should disregard the travel brochure and find a quiet place off the road for wander and pastime.

Going hiking

Yunnan is a hiking destination. There abound great hiking areas, be it the grand Hengduan mountain or the misty tropical rain forest.

Making a friend

When you make friends with Yunnan folks, they will bring you something different during the trip. Under their guidance, you can better know about Yunnan in your future visits.

Meeting the one

In a sense, to travel is to look for something new and beautiful. In the picturesque Yunnan, you can get relaxed and just follow your heart. There is chance for a romantic encounter.

If you have visited Yunnan, keep in mind the wonderful experiences. Maybe, when you think of the province again someday, your heart will be filled with bliss.

For the would-be visitors, it is fine to come to Yunnan as spring gives way to summer.

Chinese source: go.huanqiu.com

Photo source: stock.dfic.cn

Trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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