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Ideal sites to admire the splendor of clouds in Yunnan

Updated:2018-06-07 10:52:24   english.yunnan.cn

Yunnan got the name because of its beautiful clouds. Today, we recommends you a few ideal places to admire the clouds in Yunnan. 


The clouds in Kunming are unique, colorful, changeable, and floating free.

Like either the cotton, sprays or snowflakes, the clouds are diverse in form, treading their steps gently and lightly in the sky. 

Jade-Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang

Standing at the 4,680-meter point in Glacier Park, Lijiang’s Jade-Dragon Snow Mountain, you can see the clouds rolling below. Isn't it a reminder of “Above the Clouds” , a popular Chinese TV series?

Hanging around on the streets in Lijiang, you can inadvertently notice clouds of a fresh style floating in the sky.

Mt. Washan in Lincang

The “sea” of clouds is a unique landscape over the Washan mountain. In autumn and winter in particular, the clouds are most spectacular. 

The vast, misty sea of clouds appear early in the morning, and at noon the clouds began to swell, rolling and rushing dramatically among the peaks.

Hani villages in Yuanjiang, Honghe

Here, everything represents a sense of beauty: hazy, looming, or translucent.

Among the Hani villages to watch clouds, Yangjie (sheep street) and Nano are top choices.

Mt. Jigong at Dashanbao, Zhaotong

Here, the fine, soft clouds look light but sturdy, and they are of the right size to cover the steep cliffs. 

The clouds join the meadows of the Dasanbao plateau, which extends to the horizon.

Meili Snow Mountain, Diqing

In late autumn and early spring, a belt-shaped white cloud would appear before the towering Kawagarbo, the highest peak of Meili at 8:00-9:00 am, and local Tibetans call it a “Hada by Kawagarbo”. Hada, or Khata, is a traditional Tibetan scarf often presented to the guest.

The cloud belt would then rise along with the sun. At noon, the clouds float onto the Kawagarbo peak. Locals say Kawagarbo holds an “umbrella".

Mt. Jinuo in Xishuangbanna

The interaction of clouds, sunshine and the forest renders the Jinuo mountain into something like a palette, juxtaposing the bright colors of white, green and red.

Mt. Ailao in Xinping, Yuxi

Here, the magic lies in the fact that the clouds would linger on from morning to noon. The phenomenon is due to a subtle obstruction by surrounding mountains.

Tengchong, Baoshan City

Mt. Gaoligong, which lies at the tri-junction of Baoshan, Tengchong and Lushui, boasts beautiful clouds. Standing on the Mountain top and looking downward, you will be greeted by a sea of superb clouds, curling and rolling in infinite.

Fenglin (peak forest) in Luo Ping, Qu Jing

It is foggy in the morning in Luoping, and dozens of peaks hide themselves separately in the clouds.

As the sun rises, the isolated hills will gradually emerge out of the clouds, coated by the morning glow.

By Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue

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