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Media tour: Mekong journalists enjoy Lincang craft, cuisine

Updated:2018-06-27 09:18:33   Yunnan Gateway

The participants of the First Seminar for Media Officials and Journalists from Mekong Countries recently finished an interviewing tour in Lincang, southwest Yunnan. 

There, they enjoyed Lincang local craft and cuisine a lot, especially the traditional papermaking craft and snacks inherited by the Dai ethnic group in Mangtuan Village, Lincang’s Gengma County.

“Cambodia also has handmade papermaking, which was introduced from China in ancient times,” said Cambodian Chhean Leang, who was merrily trying the papermaking craft.

"Lao participant Souliyo Sengngam drew the Lao map on handmade white paper with a brush pen. “Chinese papermaking techniques spread to north Laos, and also the craft is still alive there.”

Tasting Lincang cuisine

The participants’ visit to Lincang coincides with the coming traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, and they were impressed by local delicacies .

Cambodian Long Seng said that the Zongzi (glutinous rice dumpling) in Meng Ding is so tasty! It is the first time for him to try Zongzi with honey.

"I almost eat up this big bowl of fruit by myself,” said Cambodian lady Lim Rachanalika. “It's so delicious."

Biting on a Gengma fried popcorn candy, Thai journalist Sathapat Phaethong immediately thumbed up, with a look of surprise in his eyes. The traditional Thai snack impressed him a lot.

Cambodian Long Seng added Lincang greatly impressed him. “I will share with my family and friends what I saw here when I return home.”

Lao participants said during the Lincang tour, they saw in person the agriculture, highway and other facilities.

Noting Lincang is a favored place, the Myanmar journalists believed that the Lincang-Chinshwehaw highway will be conducive to bilateral friendship and the Myanmar-Yunnan connectivity.

The Thai participants indicated they were happy to come to Lincang to see the progress of the Belt and Road initiative. In the past, they could just read about the initiative in news. 

“We are impressed by the verdant landscape and ethnic folk customs in Lincang,” said the Thai participants. 

Source: The Lancang-Mekong party, a Wechat public account

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