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Peach snacks and peach-picking sites in Kunming

Updated:2018-07-03 09:37:19   Yunnan Gateway

Summer in Kunming is the rainy season, and also the season of peaches.

Kunming folks love peaches a lot, and they have more than one way to enjoy the fruit. And here are some special local snacks that are made out of peaches.

Peach juice

The juice is recommended because of its fantastically cool taste in summer.

Peach wine

The wine made from seasonal peaches is a savoury and has a mellow taste.

Peach jelly

Crystal clear jelly made from juicy peach is both good-looking and delicious.

Peach pork

The flavor of peach slice with roast pork is sweet but not greasy.

On the summer weekends, Kunming folks also travel to peach plantations in the city’s suburban villages for peach-picking and exercise.

Dashuying Village

Sitting in Yanglin Township, Songming County, the village boasts big, sweet and juicy peaches. Local pickle fish is also tasty.


Also known as the Blueberry Manor, the peach-picking site lies in Shilin Yi Autonomous County. There, nectarines and blueberries are favored by tourists. It is about a one-hour drive from downtown Kunming.

Wanxichong Village

Located in Chenggong District, the village features juicy peaches and the Baozhu pears.

Puji Road

Red-heartd peach is the specialty of Kunming’s Puji Road. With unique flavor, the peach can be easily divided into two parts.

Qidian Township

The township in Chenggong District is famous for its flower peaches, which are big and palatable.


A good site to spend weekends, the Maomaojing village lies on the back of West Hills.

Apart from dense forest and fresh air, visitors can enjoy peaches and plums here.

By Chen Canxia, Li Hengqiang and Wang Shixue

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