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New travel model in Yunnan: Intangible cultural heritage + tourism

Updated:2018-08-16 10:36:38   english.yunnan.cn

On August 15, Baisha Ancient Town, a tranquil place in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City, saw the coming of a group of tourism experts and media officials from across the country, witnessing the opening of Dongba Mysterious, a health and leisure resort.

The traditional working and living style of Naxi people is well preserved in the small town. As early as 2015, Baisha drew the attention of some farsighted tourism industry participants. They came to the town and planned to inject ideas integrating health with tourism, leisure, hotel and culture industries into a project later named Dongba Mysterious.

After preparations of four years, the designed project, including Dongba Mysterious Land, viewing bridge, handmade pottery, tea making, featured catering and cultural and creative products is ready for the public.

The industry participants are trying to create a new business model, namely, intangible cultural heritage + tourism and to build a health and leisure resort for travelers across the world.

By Han Chengyuan and Liu Ziyu,trans-editing by Li Hengqiang

Keywords:   new travel model