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“Travel in Yunnan” app officially launched

Updated:2018-10-05 15:24:35   

The “Travel in Yunnan” app was officially launched on October 1 after four months of 

trial operation.

The app is now available in mobile phone app stores. Setting up it, tourists can learn

about the travel resources in Yunnan’s 16 cities and prefectures, while using

functions like thermodynamic chart of scenic spots, facial recognition for admission 

to scenic spots, unconscious payment, slow TV, voice guide and toilet map. In 

addition, they can also use the app to complain at any time about the services

received during their stay in Yunnan. Feedbacks will be given in 24 hours. 

With the coming of the week-long National Day holiday, offline activities are being

held in five scenic spots across Yunnan to promote the “Travel in Yunnan” app. These

destinations are the Kunming Horticultural Expo Garden, Dali Ancient Town, Dali Three

Pagodas, Lijiang Ancient Town and Xishuangbanna Manting Park.
Boutique souvenirs will be presented to tourists if they participate in these offline

activities, download the “Travel in Yunnan” app and complete some mini tasks. 

Starting from October 1, the app operator has been calling for excellent short videos 

shot by tourists across the province, and the deadline is October 16.
Making the “eating, living, traveling, shopping and recreating” more digitalized,

the “Travel in Yunnan” app aims to solve tourists’ pain points and provide better

experience for them.

(Photos provided by Tengyun Company)