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App live stream brings fun to tourists

Updated:2018-10-08 17:30:53   Yunnan Gateway

The newly-upgraded live broadcast service on the "Travel in Yunnan" app has brought much fun to tourists in Yunnan during the National Day golden week.

More than 1000 live streams had presence on the travel app, covering 90% of Yunnan's A-level scenic spots and making the app the largest tourism live broadcast platform in China.

The live broadcast features high-definition pictures, vocal presentations and beautiful music.

Wherever you are, the columns "Yunnan moment" and “Yunnan Today” on the travel app allow you to see the typical landscapes of Yunnan in real time, without any filter or post processing.

In the future, the live-streaming platform will make use of the panoramic, VR and AR photographic techniques, in an effort to achieve smart travel.

Reporting by Wang Huan; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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