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Innovation adds modern elements to Yi embroidery

Updated:2019-09-25 18:45:33   Yunnan Daily

In Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, Yi ethnic group's embroidery is called "fingertip art" by local people. It is famous for its complicated embroidery art and delicate patterns.

In recent years, Miyilu National Costumes Co., Ltd. (referred to as Miyilu) took foot in Chuxiong Prefecture. While retaining the traditional style of the Yi people, it has boldly developed and innovated its products. By taking daily necessities as the carriers, it works out handicrafts like handbags, wallets, tea coasters, suitcases, etc. They are both beautiful and practical, and are loved greatly by consumers.

"A girl of Yi nationality can dance as soon as she begins to walk, and can embroider as soon as she begins to use the chopsticks." In Chuxiong Prefecture, the Yi girls are very ingenious, good at various embroidery techniques, such as set needle embroidery, running embroidery, black stitch embroidery and so on. The main patterns are flowers, birds, oxen and sheep, showing the splendid Yi culture between the stitches and the lines.

According to Zhou Xiaomei, manager of Miyilu, the artistic value of Yi embroidery is extremely high, but it has been affected by modern textile technology. The traditional embroidery cannot adapt itself to market competition. It once faced the dilemma of being lost. In order to solve the problem, Luo Jun, an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage Yi embroidery of Chuxiong Prefecture, founded Miyilu, and through innovation, they have given new vitality to Yi embroidery.

It is reported that Miyilu has absorbed nearly 3,000 female Yi embroiders into the embroidery production with the cooperation mode of "Company + Cooperative + Farmer". They have adopted the order-based production mode. The company offers unified solutions to product sales, solving the worries for embroiders.

After solving the production problems, on the basis of retaining the traditional characteristics of embroidery, Miyilu blended modern fashion elements into the embroidery while keeping the traditional features of Yi embroidery, making bold innovations and working out modern embroidery crafts that are both cultural and practical.

It is reported that Miyilu has developed dozens of modern embroidery crafts including suitcases, notebooks and wallets. Exquisite stitching, exaggerated colours, exquisite patterns... After innovation, the embroidery is shining with new vitality. (Text by Duan Jianxin, Photos by Duan Jianxin and Chenfei)

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