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When Spring Festival meets Miao people’s Huashan Festival in Pingbian

Updated:2019-02-01 17:35:21   Yunnan Gateway

The Spring Festival is the most important occasion for Chinese family reunions. During the festival, people hold various rituals and activities to pray for good luck, fortune, happiness, health in the new year.

As one of the Chinese provinces with the richest ethnic cultural resources, Yunnan has 26 ethnic groups, of which 15 are indigenous. Therefore, spending your Spring Festival holiday in Yunnan would be such a unique and wonderful experience.

This year, in southeast Yunnan‘s Pingbian Miao Autonomous County, the Miao people are celebrating their annual Huashan Festival from February 7 to 10.

Pingbian Miao People’s Huashan Festival has been inscribed into the list of national intangible cultural heritage. It is deep in history and is the grandest celebration of Miao people.

During this year’s Huashan Festival, popular Miao singers present original Miao songs and interact with the audience on the scene. Local men and women perform Lusheng dances and sing antiphonal songs, showing the warmth of Miao people’s dating. Climbing flower poles, bull-fighting, cock-fighting, embroidery show... all of these take audience into the deep of Miao culture. At night, there are bonfire parties where featured delicacies are offered. 

By Li Shufen

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