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Savoring Zongzi: a must during Dragon Boat Festival

Updated:2019-06-05 11:53:18   Yunnan Gateway

Two women display their hand-made Zongzi at the Zhuanxin market in Kunming, Yunnan province, June 1. 

One after another crowds of Kunming citizens have begun to flush into Zhuanxin – the city’s largest wet market – this week to buy Zongzi for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival on June 7.

Zongzi, also known as the sticky rice dumpling, is a traditional food popular during the Dragon Boat Festival, whose origin can be dated back to at least 300 BC.

Available in the market are Zongzis stuffed with a variety of ingredients: ham, minced pork, egg yolk, dates, char siu, and others. 

Beside the local ones, special Zongzis imported from Yunnan’s neighboring Guizhou province, and even Thailand and Vietnam are visible at the Kunming market. 

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