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Music and dance drama staged featuring costumes of Yi people

Updated:2019-09-05 17:15:46   Yunnan Daily

“Yunxiu Yishang”, a large-scale music and dance drama featuring the traditional dress of the Yi people was staged at the Yunnan Art Institute on August 27th.

The drama is based on the story of a woman from the Yi ethnic group. As the five chapters of the drama unroll one by one, viewers enjoy the beautiful embroidery of the Yi people, as well as the natural beauty where they live. The drama wonderfully interprets the Yi people's unique culture.

The drama was created by the Ethnic Arts Theatre of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Prefecture of Yunnan Province, with the support of Shanghai Municipality. It was a focus of attention during the Silk Road Fashion Gala - Colourful Yunnan Ethnic Costume Festival.

Photo / Yang Zheng

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