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Myanmar jade agent earns RMB 10,000 per month in Dehong

Updated:2019-09-27 18:01:48   Yunnan Gateway

"Welcome to my live stream studio! Now I am visiting the Jiegao jade market in Ruili, southwest Yunnan’s Dehong prefecture. If you want to buy quality jade at a good price, please follow my live broadcast tonight."

At around 7:00 pm, the brown-skinned Zin Myo Thu would go live streaming on time. Zin speaks fluent Chinese, trying to bargain with jade vendors in the stead of online buyers. Online jade sales are common in Ruili, but the Myanmar jade dealer is different.

As a Myanmar national, Zin Myo Thu traveled all over China in his childhood, accompanying his father who is also a jade dealer. Young as he is, Zin has become an insider in the jade industry.

In recent years, selling jade via live stream has been trendy. Seeing the business opportunities there, Zin Myo Thu applied for a live streaming account, turning himself from a traditional jade dealer to an online jade agent.

Zin came across challenges at first. "Everyone was curious about my identity at the beginning, so the live broadcast drew much attention. But it was not easy for me to tell the jades in detail in fluent Chinese. Few people chose to trust me, and I felt frustrated at the end of each live stream," said Zin.

Gradually, Zin Myo Thu found his own way for live broadcast.

“How much?” Zin raised his voice on purpose when bargaining in the live stream.

"3000 yuan," answered the jade seller, a middle-aged man.

Then, Zin picked up a jade piece. Watching it in the light, he said: "500 yuan, no more!"

"No, at least 1800 yuan," said the man, shaking his head. 

"800 yuan is quite enough, my friends." Zin continued. 

After a lively bargaining, Zin Myo Thu finalized the jade price of 1,200 yuan for an online buyer, who smiled at the screen of the other phone.

At times, Zin posts online short videos showing his daily life. With his funny manner, he gets increasingly close to netizens. Now, the Myanmar jade agent, who is good at bargaining and joking, has been followed by 100,000 plus. And his monthly income is well above 10,000 yuan.

Zin Myo Thu loves his work and life a lot. "I am proud that more people can get to know about Myanmar jade via my effort,” said Zin. “I will serve my friends online with improved live stream."

By Duan Jianxin, Wang Shixue, Chen Chuangye and Duan Yi

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