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Weishan old town: A leisure place for winter days

Updated:2019-12-20 12:09:39   Yunnan Gateway

On winter days, the old town in west Yunnan’s Weishan county is often bathed in the sunshine, which warms up tourists and locals alike.

Life is slow in the quiet streets: Local seniors are chatting or playing chess, housewives are doing needlework or drying the red peppers , while tourists are admiring old buildings or special crafts. 

All have their own ways to enjoy leisure in the Weishan old town, which used to be the cradle of the famed Nanzhao Kingdom.

Now the old town is a well known destination, with its snacks and relaxing lifestyle popular among tourists home and abroad.

Reporting by Yang Zheng (Yunnan Net); trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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