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Wildlife trading case busted in SW China's Yunnan

Updated:2020-02-13 10:33:20   XinHua

Forest police in southwest China's Yunnan Province busted a case of illegal trading of rare and endangered wildlife products and captured one suspect on Tuesday.

A total of 31 ivory products, two pangolin scales and the skull of a helmeted hornbill were also seized at the home of the suspect, surnamed Huang, in Kunming, the provincial capital.

Huang confessed that he had been purchasing wild animal products since 2007.

A further investigation is under way.

China has launched a joint campaign to crack down on violations of the wildlife trade ban in a bid to control the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Since Jan. 24, Yunnan has launched a special operation to inspect marketplaces, flower and bird markets, restaurants and other places.

As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, 20 suspects involved in wildlife trade had been caught in Yunnan, with 1,405 live wild animals and 304 dead ones seized.

Editor: John Li

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