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“Beauty and fun” remain as CIIE closes

Updated:2020-11-10 18:12:31   Yunnan Daily

Today is the last day of the third China International Import Expo which has been taking place in Shanghai since last Thursday on November 5.

Among various exhibition halls on the venue, the one showcasing consumer goods has gained great popularity over the past 5 days. It has even been considered the “most absorbing” hall of all.

Makeup, jewelry and clothing brands from all around the world have brought their latest and most trendy products and designs to the expo, in order to impress Chinese consumers as well as setting new global trends.

Kao Corporation, a Japanese chemical and cosmetics enterprise, for instance, makes a Chinese debut during the event for its brand-new face mask which can help maintain skin’s moisture.



 Sitting at the center of the hall, this colossal cubic light box created by Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching objects at the expo. Behind it are two supersized down jackets which keep attracting visitors to snapshot with them.

This year is UNIQLO’s first time to take part in the China International Import Expo. It is certain that China has grown to become a pivotal market that no international brand can ever neglect, and UNIQLO is not an exception.

Apart from UNIQLO, the pavilion of Lego, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, should not be missed, either.


 Lego brings a series of new toys full of Chinese elements this time, such as Wukong (also known as the Monkey King) and Chinese dragon.

A giant “Blue Planet” being placed inside the pavilion has drawn the attention of nearly every visitor who walks by.

“We will continue to work on toys that can help children learn through play,” says a Lego staff.


Shiseido, another renowned Japanese cosmetics brand, has also expressed its expectation for the future China’s market of consumer goods.

It’s fair to say that although the COVID-19 keeps shaking the world, people’s steps to pursue beauty and fun have been slowed down.

Reporting by Liu Ziyu and Han Chengyuan; trans-editing by Wang Jingzhong  

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