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70 years of bilateral friendship: stories of "Pak Irons" in China

Updated:2021-08-06 18:10:00   

My friend, have you ever heard of the expression “iron brothers”? It is actually an allusion of the China-Pakistan bilateral ties. Over the past 70 years, the China-Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than the ocean and sweeter than honey, so China calls Pakistan as “Pak Iron.”

Indeed, the two countries are iron brothers that have cherished each other and braved “storms” together, and China-Pakistan ties has long been an example of bilateral friendship. Today, let’s get even closer to the special “Pak Iron” brothers and sisters who have learned, worked and lived in China for a while. They’re witnesses of the China-Pakistan friendship.

Huma: study in Kunming and stay in China

Huma Tabasum, a native of the Sialkot city in Pakistan, came to Kunming University of Science and Technology in 2017, kicking off the pursuit her PhD in material engineering. Huma has been in love of China since childhood, humming the tunes of cheers on China-Pakistan friendship.

Over the past four years, Huma has been fascinated by the clear sky, lush woods and fresh air in Kunming, Yunnan. After class, she enjoys having tours and local snacks.

Huma's doctoral study will come to an end soon, and she’s applying for the post-doctoral scholarship next year. Like her senior sister working in Beijing, Huma will seek the opportunity to stay in China.

“My parents are in full support of us,” said Huma. “China is friendly and inclusive to females and in the future, I hope more Pakistani ladies could play a role in and contribute to the China-Pak friendship.

Zelka: China is where dream begins

Zelka Zafar has been in China for almost two years, taking the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Kunming Medical University. The MBBS is a program provided in English for international students.

When the Covid-19 broke out in January 2020, Zelka did not return to the home country for the winter vacation but chose to stay at school.

In the tough days against Covid-19, Zelka learned to ride e-bikes, cooked for herself and used V-log to record daily happenings. She managed to lead a good life at school.

“Young as she is, Zelka Zafar has a strong will in pursuing her medical dream and has a good understanding of the China-Pak ties,” said Liu Yun, the class adviser.

After graduation, Zelka plans to further her master study in medicine and go back home. She will follow her senior sister’s step to be a good doctor for Pakistani folks.

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