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Artwork exhibition opens in Mile

Updated:2021-07-29 18:50:34   

The artwork exhibition kicked off in Int’l art center of Dong Feng Yun Art Village in Mile City, south Yunnan’s Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture on July 23.

The opening ceremony gathered many famous artists and prestigious scholars to exchange ideas about art. The ethnic dance performance produced by Yang Liping, one of the most iconic dancers in Yunnan, highlighted the ceremony.

Dong Feng Yun Art Village, a scenic town designed by renowned Chinese master sculptor Luo Xu. Embraced by vineyards and lavender fields, the art center is set amidst a cluster of distinctively surreal postmodern red brick castles built in harmony with the surrounding red soil land, lush forests, serene lake and mountains.

The exhibition was organized by Yunnan Art University and displayed more than 80 pieces from printmaking, oil painting, sculpture, fresco, watercolor and other professional art forms, showing the charm of art and profound cultural connotation.

After the ceremony, academic seminars were held by Professor Chen Liu, exhibition planner, discussing with artists about the cultural industry development in Honghe.

Reporting by Hou Tingting (Yunnan Net); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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