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Pu’er Tea Expo Garden, a resort worth visiting

Updated:2021-06-07 19:36:09   

Located on Mt. Wanpang of south Yunnan’s Pu’er City, the China Pu’er Tea Expo Garden covers the area of 21,000 square meters. There are nine scenic spots, including the tea museum, a tea-picking garden, tea making workshop, tea-drinking houses and an ethnic-performance area. Recently, it was listed as a 4A level tourist attraction.

The Pu’er tea is a variety of fermented teas traditionally produced in south Yunnan Province, China. In the context of traditional Chinese tea production terminology, fermentation refers to microbial fermentation (called 'wet piling'), and is typically applied after the tea leaves have been sufficiently dried and rolled.

With its fame spreading out in these years, the Pu'er tea is widely sold in the world. The city of Pu’er is also hailed as the well-known producer of black tea.

As Pu’er becomes famous in the world, many visitors from home and abroad have come to Pu’er to have a wonderful trip. If you are interested in black tea and local ethnic culture, Pu’er Tea Expo Garden is a place worth traveling.

Reporting by Dai Zheng with input from wiki; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi 

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