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China-Laos railway boosts tourism alongside

Updated:2021-12-03 18:38:01   

"The China-Laos Railway will make travel much easier, and more will come to our park," said He Taisong, marketing manager of the Mojiang tropic of cancer park in southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city.

The railway has shortened the once 4-hours trip from Kunming to Mojiang to about 1.5 hours. And it took only 2.5 hours for passengers Kunmingers to get to Pu'er, and less than one hour to travel from Pu'er to Xishuangbanna. The official operation of the China-Laos Railway has brought new opportunities to tourism along the railway.

“The Taiyanghe forest park launched tour packages that combined travel, delicacy, and health care. They will not only reduced costs, but also made travel meaningful,” said a staffer at the Pu’er-based park.

With more than 2,100 species of plants, 222 species of birds and 91 kinds of amphibians and reptiles, the forest park showed the harmony between humanity and the environment.

Integrating tourism into leisure projects,the tourist town of the Pu'er tea-horse ancient town recreated similar prosperous scenes of the ancient tea-horse trading route in its heyday, according to the tourist town.

Using the landscapes and ethnic culture, the Pu'er tourist attraction will fully show visitors the horse caravan history and culture. Pu'er was a trade center on the ancient tea-horse road.

With the opening of the China-Laos Railway on December 3, more tourists will visit the A-level attractions in Pu’er city and Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture.Reporting by Li Haiqiu (Xinhua); Trans-editing by Yang Xuan  

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