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E-fence in Huize comforts wintering cranes

Updated:2021-11-24 17:58:43   

To make black-necked cranes live through the winter at ease, an electronic fence system has been installed by the management of the Huize black-necked crane nature reserve in northeast Yunnan province.In addition to the 3-km-long laser electronic fence, wireless signal detectors and monitor stations were set up to offer the cranes a comfortable environment. The management also limited the visitor entries into the reserve. The Huize area has seen an increasing number of migratory birds this year. As of November 19, the reserve housed 866 black-necked cranes; 1,223 bar-headed geese; 1,488 red ducks, and hundreds of other bird species. 

Source: Xinhua; Trans-editing by Yang Xuan   

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