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Hot spring tour trendy in winter

Updated:2021-11-25 18:03:22   

The drastic fall in temperature these days has brought a booking peak for hot spring tours in Kunming, Yunnan province, and the weekend rooms of local hot spring hotels have been sold out.

Data from Qunar(a ticketing app in China) shows that the number of reservations for hot spring hotels has exceeded that of the same period in 2019 from late November to mid-December. And Kunming ranks among the top 10 Chinese cities in hot-spring hotel booking.
Weekend is the golden occasion for hot spring tours. Nearly half of the tourists choose to spend their weekends in hot spring hotels. As of November 23, the rooms in hot spring hotels have been very demanding on travel ticketing apps of Qunar and Ctrip.
In addition, the rooms with independent bathing pools are prevailing among consumers. “I booked a villa with a private pool for us -- 6 adults and 3 children,” said Ms. Lu, a Kunming native, adding the average cost per person is nearly 400 yuan.

Recent years have seen hot spring hotels in Kunming launch a variety of new tour packages, such as parent-child rooms and camp RVs. The hotels also have improved the quality of their services, making good use of rural tourist resources nearby.
Yunnan province abounds in hot springs with high quality. In its effort to be a world-class destination for healthy living, the province is developing high-quality hot spring tourism.
Reporting by Li Sifan (Kunming Daily); Trans-editing by Yang Xuan 

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