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Black giant squirrel spotted foraging in Baoshan

Updated:2021-12-03 18:44:08   

Workers at the Xiaoheishan nature reserve in Longling county, southwest Yunnan’s Baoshan city, captured a video of a giant squirrel foraging for food, while patrolling in the forest on December 1.

The black giant squirrel or Malayan giant squirrel can grow as long as 1 meter. They are found in forests in the southwestern Yunnan, southern Guangxi, Hainan and Xizang in China, but in small populations.

They are under second-level state protection in China, and have been included in the red list of Endangered Species-Near Threatened (NT) species of International Union for Conservation of Nature.

"Giant squirrels are typical arboreal animals. They often build their nests on tall trees. They rarely go to the ground because they are also vigilant. It is rare to see them clearly and closely," said Sun Guozheng, a zoologist with the Kunming Survey and Design Institute of Grassland Bureau.

Reporting by Li Jianguo (Yunnan Daily); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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