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Buses with jacaranda theme launched in Kunming

Updated:2021-04-21 15:21:41   

Now it is the season of jacaranda blossom, and the public buses also comply with the flower theme. On April 20, a No. 104 bus with the jacaranda theme was launched on Mid-Jiaochang Road in Kunming, capital city of Yunnan province.

There are jacaranda posters on the body of buses with bluish violet hue, saying ‘Blossom in prosperity, Charm in Spring City’. The themed buses were quite eye-catching, with both sides of the street full of jacaranda.

The bus ceiling, inside ornament, chair back and handles were also decorated with jacaranda posters, making the passengers feel romance when surrounded by the bluish violet atmosphere. People can enjoy the fantastic views both in and outside of the bus, which brings an unforgettable traveling experience while riding.

“Two buses with jacaranda theme pass by four stations on mid-Jiaochang Road including Jacaranda Theme Park,” said a staff member at the bus company. “They will not only offer citizens and other visitors convenience to appreciate flowers, but also publicize the idea of low-carbon traveling.”

Reporting by Yang Zheng (Yunnan Daily); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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