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We “party” men (1): A different sight in Yunnan

Updated:2021-06-28 17:41:11   

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the international community is in heated discussion on the CPC’s role in leading China to success and glory. They are fascinated by the question: Since its founding 100 years ago, why has the CPC been so appealing, full of vigor, synergy and vitality?

In the days to came, we’ll share with you some stories of the grassroots CPC members, and you may see the answer in them: The CPC membership has inspired Chinese folks in general. Let's first get to know Ms. Cao today.

“The Party's fundamental purpose is to serve the people wholeheartedly, and so is the professional faith of a tour guide. My motto is to ‘put tourists first and serve them honestly’”.

“I’m a tour guide, as well as a CPC member. So I’m obliged to tell the red stories regarding Yunnan.” When it came to her profession, Cao Jing, a tour guide at the Jingcheng International Tourist Services, was proud.

Cao joined the CPC in 2012 when she was in college. During the university days, Cao participated in the school's tour guide contest for three years in a row, gaining the ABCs of being a tour guide.

Cao became a tour guide after graduation.

Having worked for years, Cao has now got a deeper understanding to the job. “In reality, tourists expect the guide to be graceful, knowledgeable, kindhearted and helpful. In getting along with the tourists, the guide needs to be flexible and decisive in handling emergencies.”

In 2017, Cao Jing secured the champion in the Yunnan tour guide competition, while receiving ten silk banners presented by the tourists as gifts.

The “collective” praises surprised and moved Cao alike.

“When I told them Yunnan folks’ support to the Anti-Japanese War, especially their carving the Yunnan-Myanmar road out of rocks, the tourists were impassioned, tears in eyes, in that five-day tour,” said Cao.

“Built in the warring days against Japan, the road took tolls of effort by 300,000 labors in west Yunnan, and the life line boosted the Chinese confidence against the invaders,” said Cao. “Whenever I spoke of the road to the visitors, I often failed to hold up my sadness, and so did the tourists.” Cao hoped that via her telling more could remember the episode in history.

Cao Jing said the Yunnan tourist sector would boast a most beautiful sight if all the local guides could tell their hometown customs with confidence and serve visitors heart and soul.

By Gateway reporters 

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